How can the corporate world improve by learning from indigenous cultures?

Just Call Me Dean

Do you know how much people living with Down Syndrome can accomplish?

The Sergeant Major Syndrome

How can you stop pressing your face against the glass ceiling and find the stairs?

They Shall Bear You Up

What inspires a person to become a Catholic priest and sustains them on their journey?

Journeys of Entrepeneurs

How do entrepreneurs take the risks which make them successful?

How to Drop Five Strokes without Having One

What are techniques to continue enjoying golf as you age?

The Road from Empire to Eco-Democracy

How can we really change the system instead of just employing bandaid solutions?

Selling with Soul

How can sales people make problem-solving, creating value, & treating others with empathy key to their work?

Awakening the New Masculine

What if there's a new and better way of being a man?

Transition to Peace

Do you think the United States can lead the world to peace?

Facing the Monster

How can everyone take steps to end child slavery?

Monkey Business

What can office workers learn from monkey society?

The Five Sources of Human Hope

Medically speaking, how do we find hope in our lives?

Quit Your Job, Enjoy Your Work

What happens when you bring servant leadership and emotional intelligence to the workplace?

Leadership DNA

What if it's a lie that "anyone can be a leader"?

You Can't Teach Leadership, But It Can Be Learned

How do you combine the art of leadership with the science of management?

Jewels of the Heart

How can we seek peace, solace, and spiritual renewal in the face of our most terrifying fears?

Faith, Not Religions

What if a loving heart is all you need to be a person of faith?

Walking with Spirit

What is it like to walk with spirit?

Don't Drink the Water

Do you think we can reach a secure & sustainable world for all?

Beyond the Broken

What beauty lies beyond the broken?

Certain Security

How can you successfully navigate a US investment visa program, and what are the benefits?

Autobiography of a Restless Mind Volume One

Where does your restless mind wander?

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