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Welcome to the Fast Fundamentals: BK Whitepaper Series. Now you can find and purchase information from Berrett-Koehler and partner books in article-length sizes. We’ve created a graphic navigator to help you search by general topic, business challenge, and potential solution. The 261 whitepapers covering diverse topics such as change management, workplace learning, time management, employee retention, organizational research, and training program evaluation come from eight best-selling Berrett-Koehler and ASTD books: The Change Handbook, ASTD Handbook, Eat That Frog, Love ’Em or Lose ’Em, Research in Organizations, Useful Research, Evaluating Training Programs, and The ASTD Leadership Handbook. Prices vary by the length of document: $1.95 (8 pages or less), $3.95 (9-15 pages), and $5.95 (16 pages or more).

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